Help me make a difference to kids that are fighting Cancer

This year I will be again participating in the great cycle challenge in October. This year I have set myself the challenge of riding 1000 kms during October to help the Children's Medical Institute raise much needed funds to help kids fight cancer. Last year your support was amazing and I am again asking for your support for this great cause.

I am riding for all the kids who have been dealt a very rough hand. Fighters like Brody above.

Meet Brody

5-year-old "Batman" Brody was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma last October, and this little dude is as tough as they get.

Why? Because since his initial diagnosis on Wednesday 12 October 2016, this superhero has spent...

* 105 nights in hospitalAnd during this time, he's endured...* 18 cycles of chemotherapy* 15 blood transfusions* 18 platelet transfusions* a 12 hour limb salvage surgery

For the 12-hour surgery last February, doctors removed a tumour from his humerus and took 6cm of bone from his fibular that was placed into the top of the humerus.

When recovering, Brody had a cast on his leg and arm for 3 weeks, they presented him with a Zimmer frame for assisted walking and Brody said one thing, 'that's not happening'.

When asked about his treatment, he simply replies:

"We gotta do what we gotta do."

He also frequently expresses himself with the line "what the heck" and everything is "no problemos". What a cutie.

Right now, Brody has 2 chemo sessions left of his treatment.

He's heading into hospital TOMORROW to receive chemo, but we spoke to his mum and the poor little guy has been really upset all weekend because he's been suffering from painful ulcers which are a side effect from his chemo.

But as we say in GCC, NO ONE fights cancer alone on our watch!

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